The Netherlands to probe feasibility of feed design lab

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March 31, 2009


The Netherlands to probe feasibility of feed design lab

The Regional Business Center De Oelderse Halte, Dinnissen Processing Technology, Imtech and University of Applied Sciences HAS Den Bosch have partnered to probe the possibility of developing a Feed Design Lab (FDL).



The lab should be able to produce innovative animal feed on a small-scale for both the intensive livestock husbandry sector as well as for pets.



In the FDL, the industry should be able to develop and design new types of feed that match new market demands using new raw materials, residue flows from other sectors and other innovative production technology e.g. feed based on brewer''s grains or various pellet designs.



The FDL should be able to test new and existing feed types for their properties when new technologies are applied, and for the testing of the effect of process technology. This will enable the combination of various technological process stages, and the FDL should be set up in a way whereby new machines and technology can be easily incorporated.



In the FDL, the industry must be able to measure how feed types develop during production, and what the effect is of the chosen recipe on energy consumption and CO2 emissions.



The FDL will also have a facility that can be used as a training centre for employees of animal feed companies covering topics such as process control, maintenance and using modern installations. It will also serve as a base for knowledge development about animal feed for the benefit of educational institutions and the business community.



There will be space around the factory for development to create a Feed Design Campus.



The group has made a budget of EUR25,000 (US$33,100) available to HAS Kennistransfer to investigate if there is a need in the feed sector for such a development and will it be utilised, and if a business plan for a cost-covering business case can be developed.



HAS Kennistransfer will target all stakeholders in the animal feed companies in order to conduct the feasibility study. The results will be presented during a workshop for stakeholders and animal feed companies.