Georgia poultry feed plant to start operations early

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August 24, 2009


Georgia poultry feed plant to start operations early




Georgia-based Columbia Farms, a poultry feed manufacturer, will begin production two weeks ahead of schedule at a new plant at Madison County, Georgia, US.



The more than US$20 million feed mill stretches over a 100-plus acres of land, and the company's Lavonia operations will be shifted there.



Columbia Farms expects to begin producing chicken feed by mid-September, weeks ahead of schedule, said Scott Cochran, a production manager for the company.



The plant will initially produce more than 6,000 tonnes of chicken feed a week based on current economic conditions, though the facility's total weekly capacity is 10,800 tonnes, Cochran said.



The Madison County mill will supply feed to poultry farmers in Northeast Georgia and portions of South Carolina, he said.



The plant is built next to a rail line, which is the closest to the company's growing operations, according to Cochran.