Leding Lubricants sees opportunities in feed pellet mills

Publish time: 28th August, 2009      Source: www.cnchemicals.com
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August 28, 2009


Leding Lubricants sees opportunities in feed pellet mills

Automatic lubrication has recently become of interest to pellet mill manufacturers, and Leding Lubricants sees growth potential in the demand for automatic lubrication machines.



Automatic lubrication is in its infancy but it will grow, according to company owner Kenneth Leding.



One of his automatic lubrication units in a California pellet mill making poultry feed, applies small amounts of grease to the bearings every 15 minutes. It is adjustable in a text screen so it can determine how much grease to use so it uses less grease overall, said Leding, adding that the unit will also show when it is out of grease.



An advantage with automatic lubrication is that the machines can be greased more frequently and while in operation, which could increase efficiency and save costs, Leding said.