More feed mills to boost Malaysian livestock

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January 19, 2010



More feed mills to boost Malaysian livestock




Malaysia will build feed mills to support and develop the livestock industry as part of efforts to increase beef supply for local consumption.



Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister, Noh Omar, said Marditech, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mardi and Sime Darby, will be asked to venture into the field to overcome shortage of the meat in the country as well as to overcome the problem of high price now.



The Malaysian Agriculture Research and Development Institute (MARDI) was established with the objective of developing and to improve appropriate new technology and related industries in agriculture in Malaysia.



"The government will offer an area in the Kluang, a town in southern Johor-state in Peninsular Malaysia, modern agriculture project for the mill and at the same time, encourage farmers in the country to grow crops for the feed like cornand tapiocausing the contractual farming concept," Noh said.



He said in efforts to further develop the livestock industry, especially cattle, he had asked the Department of Veterinary Services (DSV) to draft a new policy for cattle rearing in the country. The policy must have two components namely purchase of cattle to be fattened in the country and purchase of cattlefor reproduction.



"Supply of beef locally is still insufficient and we have to import the meat from several countries and the amount has to be increased each festive season," he said.



The minister said the cattle rearing industry, especially using the feedlot concept, had high potential for growth and the feedlots would benefit farmers who grow crops for the industry using the contractual farming concept or satellite farming.



Meanwhile, DSV director-general Abdul Aziz Jamaluddin said the farmers in Malaysia would be encouraged to grow fodder grass like napier or corn to support the industry under the green earth project.



Jamaluddin said under the green earth project farmers involved in planting fodder crops will be assisted with seed supply, fertilisers and marketing by the government, noting that private sector companies that become millers would ensure purchase of the fodder.