Thailand to see more animal feed demand this year

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February 23, 2010


Thailand to see more animal feed demand this year




High demand in raw materials for poultry and livestock feed are expected for this year due to the expansion in the livestock sector and export growth.



A model based on poultry and livestock indicated high demand in animal feed due to the rise in animal stocks, according to Apichart Jongsakul, secretary general of the Office of Agricultural Economics (OAE).



This year, Thailand would require 3.26 million tonnes of corn, 2.26 million tonnes of soy pulp, 1.15 million tonnes of feed polish, 720,000 tonnes of broken-milled rice, and 180,000 tonnes of fishmeal.



To generate cost-reduction, farmers should form a cooperative to jointly purchase raw materials so they could produce animal feed on their own, said Apichart.