Dupont's Pioneer builds soy production plant in Missouri, US

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May 19, 2010



Dupont's Pioneer builds soy production plant in Missouri, US


DuPont business Pioneer Hi-Bred recently broke ground on a US$55-million parent and commercial soy seed production plant in New Madrid County, Missouri.



"Our new soy production plant in New Madrid will strengthen our ability to meet the increasing product needs of our growers," said Paul E. Schickler, president of Pioneer Hi-Bred. "This will be a first-class production facility that will benefit our growers."



The new plant is located on 129 acres of land in New Madrid County. Initial operation is expected to begin fall 2011 after construction is completed. The new plant is expected to employ approximately 50 people once it is fully operational.



As the first Pioneer seed production facility in Missouri, the new plant will primarily serve soy growers in more southern geographies in the US. Pioneer also has a research facility in Miami, Mo., as well, selling corn, soy, sorghum and wheat seed in the state.



It is one of many expansions Pioneer is taking to ensure it meets rising demand for its products to help farmers meet the strong global demand for grain, the company said.



Increasing food production is a priority initiative for DuPont as the company invests about half of its US$1.4-billion annual research and development budget to furthering this goal.



Dupont is currently expanding both its production and research locations in North America.