Zagro to launch premix plant in Vietnam

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March 8, 2011


Zagro to launch premix plant in Vietnam

Press Release

As the first quarter of 2011 unfolds, Zagro will launch a high-end premix manufacturing plant that has been carefully developed since last year in Vietnam.


Zagrohas been leading the manufacturing market for more than 50 years in Asia Pacific and has been awarded the ISO 22000 Certification inclusive of HACCP certification and in conformance to GMP requirement for their production facilities; Zagro is one of Asia''s first animal premix plant to be certified. Zagro''s product quality is carefully certified and qualified by Pacific Laboratory -- a lab that primarily monitors the quality of the incoming and outgoing animal feed materials in their plants. In Vietnam, likewise, Pacific Laboratory has undertaken a key role, to provide equipment and manpower to analyse and qualify the vitamin and mineral premix production, therefore assuring their products are of utmost quality.


The Fluidized Zone Mixer-- a competitive edge for premix manufacturing is the heart of Zagro''s premix manufacturing plant. This Buhler made system, which controls the production premix plant, will be up and running early this year, thereby making Zagro''s Vietnam plant fully functional.


Zagro''s vision is to always build long-term solutions to an ever-increasing demand for higher quality products at affordable prices for its global customers. As Zagro is taking its first footing in the Vietnam market, it is Zagro''s greatest hope to get support from Vietnam customers'' and to show that Zagro has what it takes to offer quality products at competitive price and become Vietnam''s quality partner.