Provimi puts in additional money in Poland

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April 26, 2011


Provimi puts in additional money in Poland




Provimi, one of the major feed manufacturers in Poland, has launched a new marketing strategy and begun an innovative investment procedure in the biggest factory in Poland lately.



The investments are part of the development plan for its Polish label, which the company will allocate PLN50 million (US$18.41 million).



Since the beginning of 2011, Provimi has been working on transforming the existing organisation of regional sales into one that is focused on animal species, divided into three groups; cattle, pigs, and poultry.



This division is mainly to increase the effectiveness and operational efficiency of the company.



Provimi''s new strategy has been built based on the needs of both small and large manufacturers and suppliers, and its main objective is to maintain market leadership in the production of feed and animal nutrition in Poland.



Implementation of new solutions to strengthen the industrial profitability and launching of new programmes, animal feed, will in turn increase the profitability of farming. "I believe that we have developed a strategy that will strengthen the position of Provimi as the undisputed leader in the market" said Maciej Rybicki, director of Provimi Poland.



The next step in modernising the company is upgrading and modernising the feed plants in the country.



Among others, Provimi responds to new developments in the layer market by paying extra attention to the structure of the feed and implementing modern high performing grinders.



Improving and developing new solutions in the field of animal nutrition programmes are priorities for Provimi Poland. Recently, laboratories have been equipped with automatic sampling systems and NIR systems to control the feed during the manufacturing process.



Continuous development of the company also requires a huge amount of knowledge and potential of the employees. For the young, ambitious and creative workers in the company, Provimi has launched a High Potential Programme.



This programme is a comprehensive concept for personal development, which aims to thoroughly prepare participants for strategic tasks for Provimi. The programme provides the opportunity to learn from the best, at different stages of professional development.