MS Schippers forms poultry feed joint project with China

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May 18, 2011



MS Schippers forms poultry feed joint project with China




A joint venture with De Heus Feeds and the Chinese Wellhope Group has been finalised by the International livestock equipment company, MS Schippers.



De Heus International, one of the Netherlands' larger compound feed producers, has already had a joint venture with feed producer Wellhope Group since 2006, by buying shares of the company.



In an explanation, John van den Broek, Schippers Export's commercial director said, "We received lots of requests for delivery of our products and knowledge to the Chinese market and so we have decided to anticipate to these requests by creating the joint venture with De Heus and Wellhope."



Key feature of the new joint venture will also target dairy and poultry markets in addition to the pig industry, and increase general health status on farms; thus, improving the technical results of farms by using Western management know how. This will be delivered through specialised divisions such as water Solutions, pest control and hygiene focus that exist within Schippers these days.



Van den Broek added that socio-economic effects of a higher health status of farm animals will include an improvement in food safety for consumers as the use of antibiotics and medicine is being reduced because animals are kept in better condition.



The new joint venture will combine MS Schippers' experience in the professional livestock industry with De Heus' and the Wellhope Group's sales infrastructure. The joint venture will become operational in October 2011.