Forthcoming Update Report on Paraquat

Publish time: 4th March, 2011      Source: CCM
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      CCM will release a new market report called Production and Market of Paraquat in China, Edition (3). China's paraquat industry has developed rapidly in recent years, with technical output growing with CAGR of 21% in 2003~2008. As the largest paraquat technical supplier in the world, China has created a new record in paraquat technical capacity in 2009, hitting 105,000t/a. China's paraquat capacity has already exceeded the demand, but some large producers are still expanding the capacity. Why do they choose to do so and how do they cope with the intense competition?




      Besides, with current global financial crisis, the export of most herbicides, including glyphosate, has suffered obvious decline in 2009. However, paraquat export continues to see promising prospect, with export volume of technical reaching 53,000 tonnes in H1 2009, up 33% year on year. Why paraquat is so special and what kinds of characteristics have contributed to its great success in herbicide market? How is the development trend in the future?




      Given China's paraquat changing trend in 2008-2009, both domestic and overseas enterprises shall pay close attention to existing and potential competitors in China, especially their technology improvement, production cost and market activities, etc., for the sake of seizing business opportunities.




      This report, based on CCM's paraquat report finished in 2007 and its continuous monitoring on this industry in the past two years, will provide in-depth analysis on China's current paraquat industry and future trends, in terms of technology innovation, waste treatment, export situation, raw material supply, pricing, etc. With wider perspective, this second edition of paraquat report will provide you with CCM's primary intelligence.




      This is an update report that will be completed by CCM international in March 2011. It mainly focuses on the following aspects:




      -Analysis of supply and demand situation, 2008-2010


      -Introduction to production technologies


      -Analysis into upstream products


      -Export by classification, destination and manufacturer, 2008-2010


      -Price trend, 2008-2010







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