Evogene launches Gene2Producta?¢ Computational AgBio platform

Publish time: 30th January, 2013      Source: www.cnchemicals.com
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January 30, 2013


Evogene launches Gene2Producta?¢ Computational AgBio platform
Press Release

Leading developer of improved plant traits for the food, feed and biofuel industries, Evogene Ltd. announced the launch of Gene2Producta?¢ on Jan. 29, 2013.


The platform is designed to improve plant trait efficacy and probability of success of novel seed products by optimising ''mode of use'' for genes of interest.



Version 1.0, a unique integrated computational platform for improving trait efficacy by high throughput optimisation of gene function in the target crop (''mode of use'') as part of the development process for biotechnology seed products. Evogenehas already entered into agreements to utilise Gene2Producta?¢ to optimise the performance of certain genes it has discovered for use in the development pipelines of its partners.



In order to improve the performance of plants, research efforts in the industry have focused primarily on various methodologies to identify the genes that influence the traits of interest, such as yield, drought tolerance, resistance to pests, etc. However, the actual efficacy achieved in the field depends not only on the presence or absence of the gene of interest, but on its optimization with other factors related to the mode of use of such gene. Such factors include: the choice of gene variant for the crop of interest, its interactions with other genes, the tissues in which it is expressed, its level and/or pattern of expression, its performance under changing environmental conditions, and other factors.



The Gene2Producta?¢ Platform 1.0 provides a robust and high throughput analysis of a large number of genes in parallel in order to optimize their modes of use in the end product. This is accomplished through the use of four interconnected sub-platforms, with the fourth of these sub-platforms targeted for incorporation later this year. Each of these sub-platforms relies on the use of computational modules incorporating advanced algorithms to analyze enormous amounts of relevant data from both public and proprietary sources, with a current comprehensive database in excess of 250 terabytes and growing. This database includes more than 10 different genomic and phenotypic data types originating from over 200 different plant species.


The sub-platforms incorporated in the Gene2Producta?¢ Platform are as follows:

PlaNet (Plant Network) - Improves trait efficacy by predicting appropriate gene combinations, referred to in the seed industry as "gene stacking".



Multi-gene stacking is expected to be a key solution for increasing trait efficacy when approaching complex traits, such as yield, which is an emerging need in the industry.



The PlaNet sub-platform is designed to provide a set of genes predicted to jointly impact the trait when stacked, utilising multiple interaction data layers across multiple species.



Mr. Ofer Haviv, Evogene''s President and CEO added, "We are pleased to report that Gene2Producta?¢ has been successfully implemented in certain of our in-house programs and in our on-going research and development collaboration with Monsanto Company and other partners. Furthermore, we believe it will become a ''must have'' component in all of our plant improvement activities."