Kazakhstan coal wastes to become fertilisers

Publish time: 5th March, 2010      Source: www.cnchemicals.com
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March 5, 2010


Kazakhstan coal wastes to become fertilisers



For over 50 years, millions of tonnes of coal wastes have accumulated around open-pit mines but Kazakhstan officials have found a solution to this problem in Yekibastuz city.


From now, these wastes "serve" as fertilisers.


Valeriy Yudin, fertiliser production director, said obvious results could be seen in the spring wheat fields where the volume of gluten increased by 25.5% and the amount of grain also increased.


Mineral fertilisers made of coal are known to increase the crop capacity, maintain moisture and prevent plants from accumulating chemicals and radionuclide.


The main commodity for such fertilisers is petrified clay stones and siltstones which are ecologically safe and inexpensive. The government placed the first order and Yekibastuz has begun the construction of a large training centre to train specialists from the Republic's fuel and energy sector.