Investment on High-speed Rail Project Passes a Good Tiding to Polyurethane Industry

Publish time: 18th February, 2011      Source: CCM
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      The American Government will invest USD53 billion to develop high speed railway network in the coming 6 years. As high speed railway is being developed by many countries,  polyurethane material will have a further develop opportunity because it can be used in high speed railway widely. There is huge demand of polyurethane materials in many sides of high speed railway development.




      Firstly, railway pavement, especially the building of ballastless track, will have a huge demand on polyurethane resin, polyurethane tackiness agent, polyurethane tie, polyurethane coating, etc. Secondly, in the development of high speed railway network, the demand of polyurethane tackiness agent, sealant, polyurea coating, polyurethane hard bubble and polyurethane soft bubble will greatly increase due to the manufacture of rapid trains. Moreover, there will be more demand of polyurethane on maintain field.




      According to the report, the high speed railway projects in various countries are:




      The U.S.A.




      To invest USD53 billion to develop high speed railway network in the coming 6 years.








      China: According to "Mid - long Term Railway Network Plan" passed by the State Council in 2004, The business mileage in China is plan to reach to 100,000 miles in 2020, including high speed railway with paving ballastless track above 12,000km, and the speed of this passenger transport line will be greater than 200km/h.




      India: To invest USD54 billion to build railway in the coming 5 to 8 years.




      Vietnam: North and South High Speed Railway Project(over 1570km) is sanctified by the Vietnam Government as the Vietnam Railway Overall Plan in 2020 as well as the most important project in future.






      Spainis plan to develop the largest high speed railway network in the world, over Japan's high speed railway network in 2010. The UK is plan to spend USD37 billion to build a high speed railway( 2,400km) to connect London and Scotland before 2030. France hopes todouble the total length to reach to 2,500km in 2020. Poland will begin to build the first high speed railway in 2014, which is plans to be finished in 2020.





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