Liaoyang Petrochemical 800kt/a PTA unit put into production

Publish time: 29th May, 2007      Source: CNPC
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The 800kt/a PTA unit at CNPC Liaoyang Petrochemical successfully produced qualified products on its first run on May 27.

As one of the first batch of projects specially approved by the Chinese government to revitalize the nation's old industrial base in Northeast China, the 800kt/a PTA project is also a key one for CNPC. With a total planned investment of RMB 2.87 billion, the unit is an integral part of the scheme to build Liaoyang Petrochemical into a large-scale petrochemical base characterized by arene production. Patented technologies from INVISTA are being used in this unit, construction of which began on September 1, 2004.