CNPC contributes to "China oasis student action"

Publish time: 20th April, 2007      Source: CNPC
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On April 10, CNPC donated RMB 300,000 to impoverished students in desertified areas of West China in the Beijing Youth Fund and Book Donation Ceremony, a program of "China oasis student action".

"China oasis student action" is a large global charity campaign co-organized by China Green Foundation, National Afforestation Committee, Chinese Educators' Association of Macau, and World Chinese Union General. This campaign was formed on the basis of the program "Donate one Yuan and one book to help young fellows in desertified areas of west China" initiated in Beijing and Macao in 2006. All funds and books collected from the campaign will be used for financing the impoverished students and improving the school facilities in desertified areas of west China. In 2006, RMB 1.30 million and 170,000 books were collected.