China Huayou Group Corporation, XinAo Gas Holdings Limited to cooperate in Dongguan natural gas project

Publish time: 22nd January, 2008      Source: CNPC
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On January 15, China Huayou Group Corporation, a subsidiary of CNPC, signed a framework agreement on cooperation in the Dongguan natural gas project with XinAo Gas Holdings Limited.

XinAo Gas Holdings Limited, listed on Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited in May 2001 (2688.HK), is one of the major urban gas operators in China. The company is mainly engaged in the distribution of urban pipeline natural gas, LPG, CNG and LPG for vehicles, and dimethyl ether, as well as the delivery of non-pipeline transported energy and other value-added business related to energy distribution.

Dongguan, a city in southern central Guangdong Province, is one of world's largest manufacturing bases. Energy demand, especially for natural gas, has accelerated due to the continued expansion of industry and its manufacturing scale. This project will serve to optimize the city's energy mix and improve its air quality.