PetroChina and China Railway Construction Co., Ltd. sign joint venture and cooperation framework agreement

Publish time: 25th August, 2009      Source: CNPC
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On August 21, PetroChina and China Railway Construction Co., Ltd. signed a framework agreement on joint venture and cooperation. According to the agreement, PetroChina will ensure a stable and reliable supply of gasoline, diesel oil, bitumen, lubricants and other petrochemical products to China Railway Construction for its major project both at home and abroad. China Railway Construction will provide stable markets for PetroChina's sales business in a central purchasing and special supplying way.

China Railway Construction is China's largest engineering contractor, leading in engineering design and construction of plateau railways, high-speed railways, highways, bridges, tunnels and urban rail traffic. It ranked 252th by the 2009 Fortune Global 500, and ranked 4th in the world's 225 largest contractors.