Sulige outputs more than 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas this year

Publish time: 14th December, 2010      Source: CNPC
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The four gas processing plants at Sulige gas filed are running at full capacity since demand for natural gas has been on a sharp increase as the winter heating peak comes. On December 12, daily gas output of Sulige gas field reached 37 million cubic meters, and its annual output exceeded 10 billion cubic meters to 10.025 billion cubic meters.

Sulige gas filed — a main gas source to the Shaanjing pipelines — is vital in ensuring gas supply to Beijing, Tianjin and surrounding cities in north China. With the middle-downstream users' gas demand for winter heating increasing sharply in recent years, Sulige has played an important role in gas peak shaving.

Currently, 3,520 gas wells, 85 gas gathering stations and 21 trunk lines were built at Sulige, making the gas field capable of collect 13 billion cubic meters of natural gas a year. The four processing plants have a total annual capacity of 18 billion cubic meters. Sulige gas field has boosted its daily gas output to 37 million cubic meters from 10 million cubic meters within just three years.