CNPC and Kenyan Ministry of Energy and Petroleum sign MOU for geothermal development and power generation

Publish time: 20th August, 2013      Source: CNPC
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    On August 19 in Beijing, CNPC Chairman Zhou Jiping and Kenyan Minister of Energy and Petroleum signed a memorandum of understanding on promoting geothermal development and power generation in Kenya.

As the biggest and most advanced economy in East Africa, Kenya now faces a bottleneck to its economic development due to power-supply shortage and high electric prices. Geothermal resources, which are abundant in the country, therefore become a preferred solution. In 2006, CNPC Greatwall Drilling Company (GWDC) won the bidding for a high-temperature geothermal well drilling project for power generation, which is China's first such project overseas. Over the past few years, GWDC has achieved a 100% success rate of geothermal well drilling in Kenya. In particular, one of the wells with a depth of 3000m records the highest yield in Africa.

Under the newly signed MOU, CNPC will step up the development of local clean energy projects by fully utilizing its technological strength to help Kenya ease power shortage and promote the country's economic and social development.