New Record Set for Soybean Yield in Georgia

Publish time: 26th November, 2014      Source:
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Georgia farmer Randy Dowdy used a foliar micornutrient products to smash the state’s yield benchmark, producing more than 100 bushels per acre. The previous record was 82 bushels.In combination with progressive farming practices, Brandt Smart Trio and Brandt Manni-Plex B-Moly advanced foliars were part of the nutritional mix that produced 108 and 110 bushels per acre in two plots. Georgia's soybean yield average is in the mid- to upper 30s; irrigated fields are in the 70s.Dowdy is the first farmer in the world to produce 400-bushel corn and 100-bushel soybeans in the same year, according to a press release from Brandt Consolidated.Read more about the record here.