CCM Published Data Book of Paraquat in China

Publish time: 18th January, 2011      Source: CCM
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      CCM's Data book is an integrated data package which contains data and content chunks (mini articles that describes or analyzes a specific event, product, industry, organization or any other related things). Detailed analyses and data of different products in China will be presented annually.




      Recently, CCM's Data book Paraquat 2010 series have been released online. Export summary, producer information and price of paraquat in China are available at CCM's report page. In the Data book, export summary will be summarized by different dimensions, including month, destination, exporter, manufacturer, etc. As for producer information, it covers production information of major Chinese manufacturers and their contact details including enterprise names, addresses, websites, telephones, emails, etc. When it comes to price, CCM provides monthly ex-work price both in data and chart. With our exclusive primary market intelligence, you can better understand market tendency and grasp more business opportunities. There are some key findings below about Chinese paraquat industry in 2010 by CCM.




      According to CCM's researches, paraquat production is gathering steam in China. With rapid development in recent years, technical output is growing at CAGR of 21% from 2003 to 2008. Registrations have increased steadily and soared in 2009,and paraquat technical capacity hit 105,000 t/a. Although paraquat capacity in china has already exceeded the demand, some large producers keep expanding. With all these uncertainties, Hubei Sanonda has finished 10,000t/a paraquat technical expansion project. Anhui Guoxing is constructing a 20,000t/a paraquat plant at present, which is the biggest production line in Red Sun Group.




      Due to high price of raw material and growing paraquat demand both home and abroad, price of paraquat technical and formulation increased gradually from 2004 to 2008, reaching the peak in August 2008. In the aftermath of the financial crisis, export of most herbicides from China has suffered substantial decline in 2009. Export volume of paraquat technical reached 53,000 tonnes in H1 2009. With a slight fluctuation in H1 2010, average export price of 42% paraquat technical reached only USD 2,157/t, with total export volume of 30,000 tonnes.

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