Investment in pesticide industry will increase in 2013

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Publish time: 30th June, 2013      Source: CCM
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  Driven by the domestic pesticide industry's prominent performance in export in 2012, more and more investments are reckoned to flow into the industry this year.
  In April, 10, 2013, there are 27,843 valid pesticide registrations applied by 2,325 companies in China, including 3,172 for technical, 16,938 for single formulation and 7,733 for mixed formulation. The number of companies with technical registrations is 724, accounting for 31.1% of those with pesticide registrations. 
  According to the statistics from China Customs, both import and export pesticides increased in the first quarter of 2013. Total import and export grew by 26.6% to USD1,143.5 million while the trade surplus showed 28.3% growth to USD722 million.
  China's total export volume and export value of pesticides reached 286,700 tonnes and USD933 million, with growth rates of 24.2% and 27.2% respectively over the same time of 2012. And the total export volume and value of herbicides is the most. The total import volume of pesticides increased to 22,700 tonnes, up 10.1% over the same time of 2012; the import value reached USD210 million, with a year-on-year growth of 23.9%.
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