The export amount of most Chinese plant extracts has been growing steadily

Publish time: 7th June, 2013      Source: CCM
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  As a major supplier of plant extracts in the world, China has more than 2,000 plant extract producers and traders. At present, China's natural extract industry primarily relies on foreign trade—about 80% of the domestic plant extracts is exported every year. According to Chinese customs statistics, in the first quarter of 2013, China's import and export of plant extracts was USD410 million, as increase of 12.1%, which exports USD330 million, as increase of 11.2%.
  In the domestic market, the plant extract consumption volume increased with a CAGR of around 10% during 2008–2012. It is mainly divided into three parts: medicine industry, food industry and others. With the development of new products and day-to-day health care consciousness in China in recent years, the plant extract has remarkable market potential and their consumption is growing at a fast rate.
  In the domestic plant extract industry, ginkgo biloba extract, green tea extract, ginseng extract, liquorice extract and honeysuckle extract are the most representative products and estimated to see fast growth in production due to the increasing global demand. As for consumption, the food segment will become the growing point in the domestic plant extract industry as the living quality in China is improving and more people are conscious about eating more healthily.
  Based on the current situation, how will investors act in China’s natural extract industry in the future? What investment opportunities will emerge in these downstream industries? In order to obtain more solid information about China’s natural extract market and discover more opportunities, Natural Extract Research in China will bring the following highlights:
  -Overview of the global and China’s natural extract market
  -Supply and demand in five types of natural extract markets in China, 2008–2012
  -Import and export situation of natural extracts in China
  -Raw materials supply and price trend of five natural extracts in China
  -Technology of natural extract production in China
  -Overseas consumption of natural extracts
  -Five natural extract price trends in China 2008–2012
  -Influential factors of the natural extract market in China
  -Forecast for the supply of and demand for natural extracts in China, 2013–2017
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