Forecast on major insecticides in China 2013

Keyword: Pesticide, Policy, Niclosamide, Metaldehyde, Pirimiphos-methyl
Publish time: 8th March, 2013      Source: CCM
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  Besides pesticide solvents, the Substitute List includes some recommended insecticides such as pirimiphos-methyl, metaldehyde, niclosamide, etc. Of these, one item—insect virus pesticide—is recommended to replace highly toxic insecticides, but there is no specific listed product name. Under increasing pressure of environmental protection and public health awareness, mandatory policies are predicted to be released soon.
  In view of the facts mentioned above, it is not sufficient to only enhance pesticide market management and supervision concerning highly toxic pesticide restriction. Guiding policies and work are supposed to achieve more effectiveness. Hainan Province is suggested to introduce a pesticide registration subsidy policy to attract agrochemical companies to introduce effective insecticides with low toxicity for cowpeas. Additionally, it is advised that demonstration cowpea planting fields be established to demonstrate new pesticide applications. 
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