Success in pilot production would drive the process of Zhijin Project

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Publish time: 20th December, 2012      Source: CCM
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  Once the construction process of phosphate concentrates is sped up, the first phase of Zhijin Project may be completed soon. 


  Zhijin Project, as one cooperation project between Guizhou Government and Wengfu Group and China National Offshore Oil Corporation launched in Oct. 2011, is supposed to be the biggest investment among China's current on-going phosphorus projects in recent years—amounting to USD2.16 billion. In addition to huge investment and projects about rare earth elements recovery from phosphorus ore, Zhijin Project also focuses on developing and making use of phosphorus resources in Zhijin County, Guizhou Province.


  Zhijin Region holds 1.49 billion tonnes of phosphorus ore reserves, approaching half the reserves of Guizhou Province. Furthermore, phosphorus mine in Zhijin Region is the last largest untapped phosphate metallogenetic belt in Guizhou Province up to now. With the advance of Zhijin Project, especially projects concerning the recovery of rare earth elements from phosphorus ore, the value of phosphorus ore in Zhijing Region will correspondingly grow.


  For China's overall phosphorus industry, Zhijin Project means increasing supply in phosphorus ore and types of phosphorus intermediate chemicals. While for Wengfu Group—an investor and a technology supplier, the success of Zhijin Project can be seen as an opportunity to show its technical superiority in China to some extent.


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