Key Enterprises Conference of Starch Sugar and Polyol Branch of CBFIA held during Oct. 16-17, 2012

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  The Key Enterprises Conference of Starch Sugar and Polyol Branch of China Biotech Fermentation Industry Association (CBFIA) (the Conference) was held by CBFIA in Zouping, Shandong during Oct.16-17, 2012 and the top 20 starch sugar and sugar alcohol producers attended the Conference. The content of the Conference included China's situation of starch sugar and sugar alcohol industries in H1 2012, the effect of a series of corn deep-processing policies on starch sugar and sugar alcohol industries and the countermeasures to these policies, the necessity of setting entry threshold for starch sugar and sugar alcohol industries, the conditions to assess the top 20 starch sugar and sugar alcohol producers and so on.


  However, there are still some opportunities for the development of HFCS in China. The SWOT matrix will help analyze the future development of HFCS industry in China (TABLE).


  First, the demand for HFCS from beverage industry is strong and it will increase with the development of beverage industry in the future. The cold sweet property of HFCS (the lower temperature is, the sweeter HFCS will be when the temperature is below 40 Degrees Celsius) makes the product popular in beverage industry. As reported, the consumption volume of HFCS in beverage industry accounted for about 80% of the China in 2011.


  Second, there is potential demand for HFCS from food industry such baked food, preserved fruit and candy. If HFCS can be widely used in these industries, it will probably become a key turning point for the development of HFCS. In fact, some research showed that HFCS can improve the flexibility and shelf life of cake, bread and mooncake.


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