Export situation of phosphorus ore & phosphate fertilizers in China in Aug. 2012

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Publish time: 12th November, 2012      Source: CCM
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  For three phosphate chemicals we concern, the overall export volumes of P2O5 and POCl3 were more than that of STPP. STPP generally kept around 20% decrease in year-to-date cumulative export volume of each month from Jan. 2012. While for POCl3, its cumulative export volume from Jan. to Aug. increased by 17.61% year on year, relatively stronger this year compared to that of 2011. As for P2O5, it kept a 6.59% year-on-year drop in cumulative export volume.


  In Aug., China exported nearly 1,168,012 tonnes of DAP, 78.04% of which was exported to India. Nonetheless, the DAP was exported at quite a low price, only USD544/t. Obviously, it's inferred that China phosphate fertilizers kept quite negative prospect in domestic market in the remainder 2012, thus shipping DAP to India at such low price.


  Yellow phosphorus & phosphoric acid

  In Aug., China exported 417 tonnes of yellow phosphorus, with a 34.96% month-on-month decrease and a 76.69% year-on-year decrease in export volume. The cumulative export volumes of yellow phosphorus from Jan. to Aug. were 5,322 tonnes, decreasing by 49.28% year on year.


  As well as yellow phosphorus, the export volume of food-grade phosphoric acid also fell in Aug. compared to July, 2012 and Aug. 2011. From Jan. to Aug., China totally exported 298,935 tonnes of food-grade phosphoric acid, down by 20.45% year on year. Nonetheless, the decrease was expected to be less with the advent of Sept. and Oct., owing to low market price.


  Phosphorus ore

  The downturn of export volume of phosphorus ore generally became the norm in China. Since April, 2012, China saw stable and great year-on-year changes of cumulative export volume of phosphorus ore, generally around negative 40% to negative 45%.


  In Aug., China totally exported 37,606 tonnes of phosphorus ore, decreasing by 39.73% month on month and 45.72% year on year. From Jan. to Aug., China cumulatively exported 299,756 tonnes of phosphorus ore, decreasing by 41.61% year on year. The average export price of phosphorus ore in Aug. still fluctuated at a high level, increasing by 6.23% month on month to USD190/t.


  For export destinations, 43.35% of phosphorus ore was exported to Japan at an average price of USD190/t, and 56.65% was exported to South Korea at an average price of USD189/t. In addition, 86.73% of exported phosphorus ore was from Hubei Province and the rest was from Guizhou Province.


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