China Crop Protection Summit (CCPS) 2011 Introduction – Paraquat's contribution to sustainable farming

Publish time: 31st December, 2010      Source: CCM
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      Organized by CCM International Ltd, China Crop Protection Summit (CCPS) 2011 will be held on March 18th to 19th in 2011 in Shanghai, China. As an ideal platform for obtaining the latest market information and networking for key industrial leaders, CCPS covers most of the current hot topics related to crop protection industry, and paraquat is one of the main topics in the summit.




      Paraquat has been an important herbicide for farmers. Its non-selective feature is helpful to control a wide range of weeds in more than 100 crops. Quick, efficient and reliable paraquat has won trust among farmers. In early 1960's, ICI from UK developed the active ingredient of paraquat. Since then, a lot of researches have been done worldwide. In addition, along with the wide application of paraquat, sustainable farming is becoming possible and easy.




      According to CCM's researches, paraquat production is gathering steam in China. Registrations have increased steadily in recent years and soared in 2009. In the aftermath of the financial crisis, paraquat price maintained at low level and witnessed a slight fluctuation in H1 2010. Average export price of 42% paraquat technical reached only USD 2,157/t with total export volume of 30,000 tonnes. However, Hubei Sanonda had finished 10,000t/a paraquat technical expansion project. Anhui Guoxing is constructing a 20,000t/a paraquat plant at present, which is the biggest production line in Red Sun Group.




      Paraquat's contribution to sustainable farming will be presented by Qi Wu, manager of strategic development department of Jiangsu Red Sun Group Co., Ltd. Mr. Qi took charge of the research, production and marketing of pesticide formulation with frequent participation to pesticide projects at both provincial and national level. According to some distinguished features of paraquat, its contribution to sustainable farming from different aspects will be presented and highlighted in the speech, including the promotion and broad application of non-ploughing techniques, technical development on fast crop rotation and paddy direct seeding,increase on crop yield. For each aspect, case study from different countries will be provided, with supporting data and analyses for evaluation. This speech also contains market information about paraquat globally, including sales volume, regional distribution, etc. Moreover, since there is a growing concern over low toxicity on pesticides, study about environmental and user safety will be discussed in details with precautions.





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