Sipeng Chemicals to build TiO2 after-treatment product production line

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Publish time: 6th November, 2012      Source: CCM
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  In Oct. 2012, Panzhihua Sipeng Chemicals Co., Ltd. (Sipeng Chemicals) set out to build a new TiO2 after-treatment product production line in Panzhihua City. Sipeng Chemicals' action is to meet the growing demand for TiO2 after-treatment products, resulted from the growing TiO2 capacity in China, according to CCM’s October issue of TiO2 China Monthly Report.


  Sipeng Chemicals' new TiO2 after-treatment product production line is located at Panzhihua Vanadium & Titanium Industry Park. And Sipeng Chemicals invests USD2.4 million (RMB15 million) to build a 50,000t/a TiO2 after-treatment product production line. In detail, this project includes 25,000t/a sodium metaaluminate (NaAlO2), 15,000t/a aluminium sulphate (Al2(SO4)3) and 10,000t/a Zirconium sulfate (Zr(SO4)2). These products are all after-treatment TiO2 products which are used in coating TiO2 surface for better performance. Meanwhile, aluminium compound, as coating material, is used in a wide rage in after-treatment TiO2. Therefore, Sipeng Chemicals' aluminium compound's capacity (25,000t/a sodium metaaluminate and 15,000t/a aluminium sulphate) is the main part of the new TiO2 after-treatment product capacity. Now, Sipeng Chemicals' new TiO2 after-treatment products production line is under the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment), which is needed before construction.


  Certainly, the capacity of after-treatment TiO2 products grows with the increasing TiO2 capacity in China, which can meet the demand for after-treatment TiO2 products.

  Therefore, it can be observed that Sipeng Chemicals' plan to build a new after-treatment TiO2 product production line is reasonable. Besides, Sipeng Chemicals is located at Panzhihua Vanadium & Titanium Industry Park where many downstream companies are located, so the transportation cost of Sipeng Chemicals' products will be lower. And this will strengthen Sipeng Chemicals' geographic advantages in after-treatment TiO2 product market.



  Source:TiO2 China Monthly Report 1210


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