Rosin industry trends and investment forecasts

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Publish time: 29th October, 2012      Source: CCM
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  Gum rosin is a kind of natural resin with high economic value. As an important chemical raw material, it is widely used in papermaking, adhesives, paint, printing ink, rubber, food and other industries. China is a country with huge amount of rosin production and export, whose annual production of gum rosin is as high as 40.5 million tons and annual export capacity is 300,000 t. It accounts for more than 40% of the rosin production and sales in the world in the first place.


  The report of Production and Market of Gum Rosin in China introduces the rosin overview and the rosin market in China, followed by the analysis of the status of Chinese rosin market development, then the key regional rosin markets in China. It subsequently introduces the Chinese rosin key enterprises' operating conditions, finally, the Chinese rosin industry trends and investment forecasts.


  CCM has years of industry research and experience in market research, industry analysis advisory body of professional research reports to ensure the objectivity of the quality of the report, data accuracy. Report make quo-depth market researches analysis on rosin market, analysis of the rosin industry's market scale, the rosin supply and demand conditions, the main business situation of the rosin market competition situation and rosin industry market share of the enterprise. At the same time, CCM make analysis and forecasting the rosin industry's future, trying to help companies understand the industry, and to provide decision-making reference for investment in the field.



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