Shanxi strives to build beautiful countryside

Publish time: 22nd July, 2014      Source: China Daily
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Updated: 2014-07-21


On July 14, the Shanxi Provincial Department of Finance set aside 60 million yuan ($ 9.61 million) for pilot work improving the countryside in the province's three counties, namely, Qixian county in Jinzhong, Yingxian county in Suzhou, and Wuxiang county in Changzhi.


Shanxi, a national pilot province for the "Beautiful Countryside" initiative, began the project in 2013, when the first three pilot counties were decided.


The beautiful countryside of Shanxi characteristics aimed at improving six standards, including scientific spatial layout, ecology of the natural environment and urbanization of functional facilities.


To date, the countryside's looks and living environment in the three counties have already been much improved, paving the way for their rural industrial pattern's upgrade and optimization. Moreover, it will continue the construction of central villages and new rural communities and push forward the incorporation and integration of natural and administrative villages.


The project was supported by the "individual discussion over each matter"- financial award and supplemental policy.