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Biomaterials, referring to products using renewable raw materials, have developed rapidly in China in recent years and are expected to have a promising market in the future, though this industry is emerging. Biomaterials are mainly divided into four types in the news: natural bio-based materials, microbial synthetic materials, chemical synthesis of bio-based materials and bio-nylon. Undoubtedly, the application of biomaterials is the trend in the future, thanks to environmental protection, excellent properties, etc.

Biomaterials China News includes10 to 12 topics per quarterly issue and will bring you the latest information on the market and company dynamics, new biomaterials products, new biomaterials technology development, new legislations and policies and raw material supply dynamics that are shaping the market.

This includes:

- Breaking news from China.

- The latest market data, including price information for raw materials, major bio-based materials, production, consumption, operating rates, etc.

- In-depth analysis of market trends, Chinese government policy, the performance of leading Chinese producers, M&A, new technologies, etc.

- Expert commentary from industry insiders, including regular guest articles and interviews with insiders at leading Chinese manufactures, associations and government organizations

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Main Content of Bio-based Material Quarterly Newsletter Q3 202021

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Published on 29th September, 2021

In Aug., the MIIT replied to the Proposal that bio-based materials would be included as a key task in the planning of the raw material industry during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period and the development of bio-based new materials would be promoted on 5 aspects, as such development is expected to help promote the transformation of the chemical industry and meet environmental requirements.

Published on 29th September, 2021

In response to the national environmental demand, many domestic companies have strengthened the layout of their PLA production capacity. In Q3, four firms added new PLA projects to grab shares of the biodegradable material market.

Published on 29th September, 2021

China's major PLA producers Hisun Biomaterials and BBCA Group are actively expanding their PLA capacity. Following the operation of additional PLA expansion projects in 2020, they continue to build new PLA projects this year to build up their market competitiveness.

Published on 29th September, 2021

Currently, Cathay Biotech and COFCO Tech are actively expanding their production capacity and laying out the bio-based materials industry chain. In H1 2021, Cathay Biotech achieved significant growth in bio-based materials sales, while COFCO Tech saw sales surge in its PLA products.

Published on 29th September, 2021

In early Sept., NSWRC completed trial production of its 50,000 t/a DDDA project, which is expected to be put into official production in Oct. 2021. Trial products have reached the polymer-grade requirement and have been sold in small quantities.

Published on 29th September, 2021

Published on 28th September, 2021

Published on 28th September, 2021

Published on 28th September, 2021

Published on 28th September, 2021

In late June, Jindan Technology produced qualified products from its 10,000 t/a lactide project, which is under stable production now. This reflects that Jindan Technology has broken down the most difficult lactide process link of the PLA industrial chain.

Published on 28th September, 2021

According to the H1 2021 report, eSUN and Kingfa reported a significant increase in their revenues. Bewteen them, eSUN's impressive performance was a result of dramatic sales growth in its bio-based materials. Moreover, both parties have invested in biodegradable material projects to expand their production capacity.

Published on 28th September, 2021

To further strengthen the treatment of the whole plastic pollution chain and achieve greater results in white pollution treatment over the next 5 years, NDRC and MEE jointly released an Action Plan for Plastic Pollution Control during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period.

Published on 26th September, 2021

Published on 24th September, 2021

In Q3, both COFCO Yushu and Hefeng Biotechnology completed the publicity of their EIA report of their PHA projects, with the capacitys of 200 t/a and 1,000 t/a respectively.

Published on 23rd September, 2021

In late Aug., Shandong Siyuan publicised an EIA report of its 100,000 t/a biodegradable new material project. With a total investment of USD97.40 million (RMB630 million), this project will be built in 2 phases, with a total production scale of 100,000 t/a PBAT/PBS.

Published on 22nd September, 2021

Published on 22nd September, 2021

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