EI report of Tongliao Meihua's isoleucine project published 04-23-2024

Summary: Tongliao Meihua plans to introduce 6,500 t/a of production capacity for isoleucine.

On 22 March, the environmental impact (EI) report of isoleucine project from Tongliao Meihua Biological Sci-tech Co., Ltd. (Tongliao Meihua) was published.

Project overview

  • Type of project: reconstruction and expansion
  • Investment amount: USD3.80 million (RMB27.00 million), 4.81% of which (USD182,946/RMB1.30 million) will be for environmental protection purposes
  • Construction site location: Horqin District, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
  • Site area: 4,988 square metres
  • Construction details: In the existing tryptophan production workshop, the tryptophan line will be dismantled, and a new isoleucine line will be built.
  • Planned capacities: 6,450 t/a for feed-grade isoleucine and 50 t/a for food-grade isoleucine
  • Major raw materials needed in production: 5,854 t/a of glucose and 3,089 t/a of beet molasses
  • Production process: The microbial anaerobic fermentation method is first applied to produce fermentation broth. Then, fermentation broth undergoes filtration by ceramic membrane, decolourisation by activated carbon, multiple-effect evaporation, crystallisation, separation and drying. In the end, isoleucine is produced.
  • Labour needs & working schedule: There won't be new job posts created for this project. There will be 333 working days/7,992 working hours per year.
  • Economic benefits: Estimations show the project will bring in yearly operating revenues of USD54.88 million (RMB390.00 million) and yearly after-tax profits of USD20.94 million (RMB148.77 million) after it reaches full operation.
  • Tongliao Meihua's operating revenue for 2023 totalled USD1.41 billion (RMB10.02 billion) and net profit for 2023 was USD142.14 million (RMB1.01 billion), according to the performance report of its parent Meihua Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: 600873.SH). Tongliao Meihua's production capacities for amino acids, including the operational ones and the ones to be built, are summarised in the following table.

    Table Tongliao Meihua's production capacities for amino acids in its factory compound
    Product Production capacity, t/a Note
    Gourmet powder monosodium glutamate 200,000 In operation
    500,000 To be built; related project has been filed for record
    Tryptophan 10,000 In operation; to be removed in order to make way for isoleucine project
    Glutamine 5,000 In operation
    Valine 21,800
    Threonine 250,000
    Isoleucine 6,500 To be built by isoleucine project

    Source: Tongliao Meihua


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