China to carry out special rectification of fluorite safety production 03-26-2024

Summary: China undertook special rectification of fluorite safety production since March 2024.

On 4 March, the National Mine Safety Administration issued the Notice on Carrying out Special Rectification of Fluorite Mine Safety Production, which mentioned that China will conduct nationwide rectification from March to Aug. 2024:

  • From March to May 2024, fluorite enterprises shall conduct comprehensive self-inspection and self-correction during this period;
  • From June to July 2024, relevant departments of National Mine Safety Administration at provincial levels shall carry out a round of supervision and inspection on counties (cities, districts, and banners) with a large number of fluorite mining enterprises across the county by the end of July;
  • In Aug. 2024, emergency management departments and relevant departments of National Mine Safety Administration at provincial levels shall establish a working group to conduct "look back" upon fluorite mines within their jurisdiction.

    The Notice also mentioned that since there are many fluorite ore enterprises in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Hebei, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Henan provinces, particularly in counties like Fengning County (Hebei), Weichang County (Hebei), Ongniud Banner (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region), Sonid Right Banner (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region), Suichang County (Zhejiang), Xingguo County (Jiangxi), Xingan County (Jiangxi), Fangcheng County (Henan), and Luanchuan County (Henan), the county will formulate relevant work lists for shutting down, restructuring, and renovating enterprises based on different situations.


    As early as Jan. 2024, Jiangxi Province already launched a special rectification campaign for fluorite safety production. Unlike the national rectification, the rectification in Jiangxi will last until Dec. 2024.


    This nationwide safety production special rectification may lead to a decrease in fluorite output, but it will also stimulate fluorite prices to some extent at the same time.


    More information can be found at CCM Fluoride Materials China Monthly Report.

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