Nanjing Red Sun: diquat dichloride capacity to reach 30kt per year by the end of 2022 08-08-2022

Summary: Diquat dibromide products had become a big contributor to Nanjing Red Sun's profit growth in 2021. Besides, the company has been actively developing diquat dichloride business, and by the end of 2022, its diquat dichloride capacity is expected to reach 30,000 t/a.

Early July, it is learned from Nanjing Red Sun Co., Ltd. (Nanjing Red Sun) that diquat dibromide business had become a big contributor to its profit growth in 2021. Its diquat dibromide capacity is 5,000 t/a (converted to 100% AI). According to the company, if roughly calculated on its revenue from diquat dibromide business, it takes up over 50% of domestic market share. In 2021, it had a nearly full order book on diquat dibromide products.


According to Nanjing Red Sun, in its future planning in pyridine and herbicide business, it will spend more efforts on the development of diquat dichloride business, besides the existing diquat dibromide business. Diquat dibromide is a non-selective herbicide, which can be widely applied in orchards, plantations for tea and rubber, and non-cultivated land. It is also used to kill weeds in fields of corn, sugarcane, cotton, vegetables, and to dehydrate plants. Likewise, diquat dichloride also has non-selective, broad-spectrum, quick-acting feature. It loses biological activity in soil, keeps intact the soil fertility and water retention, and thus is quite eco-friendly. Moreover, diquat dichloride is more cost-effective than diquat dibromide, as the former requires less in production cost and has efficacy 1.4 times of that of the latter. So diquat dichloride will hold greater competitive edge in international market.


Diquat dichloride is a self-developed and patented product of Nanjing Red Sun, and is exclusively produced by the company. As of early July, 10,000 t/a capacity had been put into trial run in its production base in Wanzhou Industrial Park, Chongqing Municipality. Another 10,000 t/a capacity is under construction in the park. In addition, the company has planned 10,000 t/a capacity in its Anhui base. That is to say, by the end of 2022, diquat dichloride capacity in Nanjing Red Sun could reach 30,000 t/a.


Nanjing Red Sun mainly engages in the business of pyridine & pyridine derivatives, herbicides, and pyrethroid insecticides. So far, it has accumulated strong technological advantage in the production of pyridine & pyridine derivatives. With shifting its centre of gravity to diquat products, the company faces challenges in overseas pesticide registration as well as in market competition. For the diquat dichloride business, Nanjing Red Sun sets its eyes on the international market. To acquire registrations in foreign countries, it takes at least two years. As for diquat dibromide, it is the company's main export at present. Many other diquat dibromide producers are competing with Nanjing Red Sun for larger share in overseas market.


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