Analysis of Li-ion battery industry and projects in China H1 2022 08-04-2022

Summary: In H1 2022, among the 85 battery new energy industry projects started, 81 projects announced the investment amounts, which totaled about USD88.46 billion (RMB591.45 billion); the number of projects under construction exceeded 70% of total number of projects started in the whole year of last year; the investment amount reached more than 90% of last year's total amount.

Benefiting from the continued high prosperity of the new energy vehicle market, orders related to the battery industry chain have also been made. According to the incomplete statistics of the battery network, in H1 2022, 72 newly announced orders including lithium batteries, lithium battery raw materials, cathode and anode materials, copper foil, aluminum foil, and li-ion battery equipment have reached 72. Due to the continuous expansion of demand, companies related to the new energy industry chain have further accelerated the construction of new projects. According to the announcements and public reports of listed companies, in H1 2022, based on incomplete statistics, 85 projects were started, with a total investment of over USD88.46 billion (RMB591.4 billion); 23 projects were put into production, with a total investment of more than USD11.22 billion (RMB75 billion).


Among these projects, there are 16 cathode material and raw material projects, whose investment totaled about USD16.85 billion (RMB112.68 billion), with an average investment of about USD105.33 million (RMB7.04 billion) per project; 17 anode material projects, totaling USD14.48 billion (RMB96.80 billion), with an average investment of about USD851.59 million (RMB5.69 billion) per project; 5 separator projects, totaling about USD3.84 billion (RMB25.7 billion), with an average investment of USD960.92 million (RMB6.43 billion); 11 electrolyte projects, totaling about USD4.78 billion (RMB31.97 billion), with an average investment of about USD531.39 million (RMB3.55 billion). (The above amounts only add up the projects with announced investment amounts.)


In H1 2022, leading companies in power battery like BYD, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd., Sunwoda Electronic Co., Ltd., AVIC Lithium Technology Co., Ltd. respectively has two major projects started successively; SVOLT Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint-stock Co., Ltd. has started three major projects respectively. The acceleration of constructing projects of leading enterprises in the battery field has led to a rapid increase in the demand for production capacity of supporting material projects, further promoting the simultaneous acceleration of constructing related projects. Among the 85 new battery energy industry projects started and put into production, 32 are with investments of tens of billions. The total investments of Cornex New Energy Co., Ltd.'s 150 GWh lithium battery industrial park project is USD10.10 billion (RMB67.5 billion); Rongbai Group totally invested USD4.49 billion (RMB30 billion) in its 400,000 t/a li-ion battery cathode materials production base in Xiantao City, Hubei Province; the total investment of the third-phase project of China Lithium Battery (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. is USD2.99 billion (RMB20 billion)…


Based on analysis, CCM predicted that from the current domestic and foreign situation, the popularity of battery new energy projects will continue in H2 2022, and the battery new energy industry will enter a new stage of development with higher quality.


More information can be found at CCM Li-ion Battery China Monthly Report.

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