China Starch's revenue of starch sugars soars 09-01-2021

On 20 Aug., China Starch Holdings Limited (China Starch) released unaudited consolidated interim performance: in H1 2021, both price and sales volume of its starch sugars increased since demand for its starch sugars was not affected during the epidemic and even recorded an increase. China Starch maintained nearly full capacity.

Table Sales of fermentation and downstream products
Sector/product Item H1 2021 H1 2020 Growth rate
Fermentation and downstream products Revenue, million USD 221.8 134.4 65.0%
Gross margin 11.3% 9.2% /
Starch sugar Revenue, million USD 38.9 24.7 57.8%
Price, USD/t 436.3 329.0 32.6%
Sale, tonne 89,233 75,013 19.0%

Note: Fermentation and downstream products mainly include lysine, starch sugars, modified starch, etc.

Source: China Starch & CCM

The business performance of its starch sugar sector was positive because of the recovery of domestic economic and the catering industry's purchase and storage of starch sugar. The increase in revenue was mainly due to rises in price and sales volume as well as transfer of costs to customers.


Looking forward to H2, 2021, China Starch is cautiously optimistic. From H2 2020 to H1 2021, starch sugar sector has achieved fruitful results but still is facing predicament of oversupply and fierce competition. China Starch will continue to monitor market conditions closely. As a leading participant in the corn starch and starch sugar sector, China Starch is confident in a long-term development of this business.


China Starch has three production plants, namely Shouguang Golden Corn Biotechnological Co., Ltd., Linqing Deneng Golden Corn Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and Shouguang Golden Far East Modified Starch Co., Ltd.. Now China Starch can process 3.6 million tonnes of corn annually, with the production scale of 2.6 million t/a corn starch, 100,000 t/a modified starch, 300,000 t/a lysine, 150,000 t/a starch sugar, etc.


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