Urea Formaldehyde Moulding Compounds in China 08-05-2021

Urea formaldehyde moulding compounds (UFM) appears as moulding compounds of thermoset, and is one of the moulding compounds of amine. Generally, there are two specifications for UFM in China, namely powder type and granule type. And the latter can be the post-processing product of the former, or as the direct products of urea and formaldehyde.

This report is the third edition of UFM in China published by CCM in 2021. After ten years’ development, China’s UFM market has changed a lot. The number of UFM manufacturers in China has decreased from about 38 in 2007 to about 16 as of late 2020. So, CCM has done deep research on China’s UFM again to find more changes these years, such as production, price, consumption and technology. Details would be unfolded in this report as following aspects:

- Capacity and output of UFM in China, 2017–2020
- Major manufacturers of UFM in China, 2017–2020
- Ex-works price of UFM in China, 2017–2020
- Price trend of UFM in China
- Application of UFM in China, 2020

- Forecast on UFM supply and demand in China, 2021–2024

Main contents:

No. Content

Executive summary

1 Production of UFM in China
1.1 Product specification
1.2 Production technology
1.3 Production in the past years
1.4 Production in 2017–2020
2 Price of UFM
2.1 Price of powder type and granule type
2.2 Prices in 2012–2016
2.3 Prices in 2017–2020
2.4 Price trends in 2021–2024
3 Consumption pattern of UFM in China in 2020
3.1 Brief introduction to each end use section of UFM
3.1.1 Electric appliances
3.1.2 Dishware
3.1.3 Recreational equipment
3.1.4 Closestool cover board
3.1.5 Others
4 Market trends of UFM
5 Key factors and driving forces for the development of UFM in China
6 Future forecast on China's UFM in 2021–2024
7 Conclusion

List of tables:

Table No. Table Title
Table 1.1-1 Definition of urea formaldehyde moulding compounds (UFM)
Table 1.1-2 Product specification of UFM in China
Table 1.3-1 Changes in capacity and number of UFM manufacturers in China, before 1990–2016
Table 1.3-2 List of manufacturers in China who have stopped UFM production, 2008–2016
Table 1.4-1 Capacity and output of active UFM manufacturers in China, 2020
Table 1.4-2 Capacity and output of UFM by region in China, 2020
Table 1.4-3 Manufacturers' UFM applications in China, 2020
Table 1.4-4 List of companies which stopped UFM production in China, 2017–2020
Table 6-1 List of projects completed construction or expected to be built up and put into operation in 2021–2024

List of figures:

Figure No. Figure Title
Figure 1.2-1 Flowchart of powder type UFM production
Figure 1.2-2 Flowchart of granule type UFM production by transferred method
Figure 1.4-1 Capacity and output of UFM in China, 2017–2020
Figure 1.4-2 Output distribution of UFM by region in China, 2020
Figure 2.1-1 Ex-works price of powder type UFM and granule type UFM, 2017–H1 2021
Figure 2.2-1 Ex-works price of powder type UFM and raw materials in China, 2012–2016
Figure 2.3-1 Ex-works price of powder type UFM and raw materials in China, 2017–2020
Figure 3.1-1 Consumption of UFM by end use segment in China, 2017–2020
Figure 3.1-2 Market share of UFM by end use segment in China, 2020
Figure 3.1.1-1 Consumption share of UFM in electric appliances by product in China, 2020
Figure 6-1 Forecast on demand for UFM in China, 2021–2024, tonne
Figure 6-2 Forecast on UFM supply in China, 2021–2024, tonne

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