Production and market of menthol in China 12-09-2020

Due to the underdevelopment of mint planting industry, China's menthol raw materials are basically imported from India, and then further processed. In recent years, with the increasing demand for menthol at home and abroad, the capacity of menthol in China had increased. In the coming two years, the menthol market will show an upward trend. Participants in the menthol industry need to understand the changes in market dynamics.

Since 2017, due to the impact of Indian raw material output and market prices, the price of menthol in China has fluctuated greatly, and its output has also been unstable. In 2018, due to the impact of Indian raw materials, domestic menthol production has decreased significantly.

Aiming to study the current menthol industry in China and forecasts the market to 2022, this report provides detailed analysis on the factors influencing the development of menthol industry in China, as well as current and historic trend of this industry. Market drivers and restraints can be found in this report.

This report is based on data collected via diverse sources. The primary sources include interviews with key producers, key traders and key end users of menthol. Various secondary sources include published magazines, journals, government statistics and CCM’s database, etc. Data obtained from various sources have been combined and cross-checked to ensure that this report is as accurate and methodologically sound as possible.

Information of key market players in menthol industry are listed in this research. Key market participants studied include Anhui Fengle Perfume Co., Ltd., Anhui Yifan Spice Co., Ltd., etc.

Scope of the report
Region cope: China

Time scope: primarily 2017–2019

Main contents:

No. Content

Executive summary

1 Overview of Menthol Industry in China
2 Supply and Demand of Menthol in China
2.1 Production of menthol in China, 2017–2019
2.2 Producers of menthol in China, 2017–2019
2.3 Major producers' information
3 Price of Menthol in China
4 Consumption of Menthol in China 2019
4.1 Consumption pattern of menthol in China
4.2 Application situation in major end use segments
4.3 Customer status
5 Forecast on Development of Menthol in China
5.1 Drivers
5.2 Barriers
5.3 Forecast on output and demand in China, 2020–2022

List of tables:

Table No. Table Title
Table 2.1-1 Production of menthol in China, 2017–2019
Table 2.2-1 Capacity and output of menthol producers in China, 2017–2019
Table 2.2-2 New menthol project in China, as of Nov. 2020
Table 3-1 Quotations for menthol from some producers, November 2020
Table 4-1 Menthol application in pharmaceutical industry
Table 4.1-1 Menthol’s application and consumption in different end-use segments, 2019
Table 4.2-1 Dosage of menthol in some products in pharmaceutical industry
Table 4.3-1 Key consumers of menthol in China

List of figures:

Figure No. Figure Title
Figure 2.1-1 Distribution of menthol capacity in China, 2019
Figure 3-1 Average market price of imported Indian menthol raw material, Chinese menthol exports, food grade menthol and pharmaceutical menthol, 2017–2019
Figure 4.1-1 Consumption volume of menthol in China, 2017–2019
Figure 4.1-2 Breakdown of menthol consumption by application fields in China, 2019
Figure 5.1-1 China's GDP, 2017–2019
Figure 5.1-2 China's population, 2017–2019
Figure 5.1-3 Resident consumption level in China, 2017–2019
Figure 5.3-1 Forecast on demand for menthol in China, 2020–2022
Figure 5.3-2 Forecast on output of menthol in China, 2020–2022

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