Survey of Acetochlor in China 2019 05-14-2020

Though it is faced with lots of competitors and substitutes in herbicide application nowadays, acetochlor still accounts for a large market share among selective herbicides applied in China. It can be used for pre-emergent control of annual weeds and some broadleaf weeds in the fields of corn, cotton, peanut, soybean, etc. There are two peak seasons for acetochlor consumption in China—April to July and Sept. to Oct. every year. The consumption is much larger in the first peak season, since most applied crops are planted in the first half of a year.

In recent years, the total capacity of acetochlor technical in China has shown much larger than the total output. From 2016 to 2019, China saw increase in its acetochlor technical capacity, but the output had continuous decreases.

How will this industry go in the coming years? This report presents an overview of production, consumption and price of acetochlor in China, as well as a forecast on the product's future trend. You definitely will get some refreshing information on the acetochlor industry from the report.

This report <Survey of Acetochlor in China 2019> will illustrate the details for readers through the following aspects:
- Product registration, as of 10 Jan., 2020
- Production situation (technology, capacity, output and key producers), 2015–2019
- Prices of acetochlor technical, 2014–Feb. 2020
- Export analysis, 2016–2018
- Domestic consumption, 2015–2019
- Forecast on output and demand to 2023

Main contents:

No. Content
Executive summary
Methodology and source
1 Industrial overview
1.1 Brief introduction to pesticide industry in China
1.2 Position of acetochlor in China's herbicide industry
2 Supply
2.1 Production technology
2.2 Registration
2.3 Production, 2015–2019
3 Circulation
3.1 Price, 2014–Feb. 2020
3.2 Export, 2016–2018
3.2.1 By month
3.2.2 By destination
3.2.3 By exporter
4 Consumption, 2015–2019
5 Outlook, 2019–2023

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