Impact of improved quality and safety management system on the exports of cooked poultry from China: 01-19-2020

Quality and safety was the biggest challenge for the Chinese industries in the past. Quality and ingredient scandals specifically related to food such as the 2008 milk scandal, poisonous Jinhua ham, counterfeit baby formula, and many more in the past negatively impacted industries and the trust of many international and domestic buyers, and consumers. However, in recent years the standards of food safety changed drastically in the country and now the Chinese government continues to lead with the 12th Five-Year plan listing food safety as a critical and national task.  In the last five years, much progress has been made and many industries have regained the trust and customers back both in the domestic as well as international markets.

In November 2019, China General Administration of Customs appreciated the US confirmation about the equivalence of China’s poultry supervision to that of the US. The US Federal Register, an official gazette that has been authorized to publish public notices on behalf of the US Federal government, released the final evaluation on China’s poultry meat export to the US, confirming the equivalence of the two countries poultry meat supervision system.  China has a goal of shipping cooked chicken to the US from as far as 2004. Since then, in addition to submitting detailed materials related to the supervision and handling of its cooked poultry, China hosted visiting groups from the U.S department of agriculture. The teams visited China a total of nine times to inspect and help Chinese export enterprises wishing to export cooked poultry to the US brings their quality and safety management in line with the US import requirements.

Apart, from the US other countries such as Malaysia, Canada, South Korea, and Russia have also allowed the local Chinese poultry farmer to export because of their up-gradation in safety and quality standards. In 2017, the Chinese General Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine managed to enroll 49 local breeding and processing companies into various international certification programs such as Good Agriculture Practices, and Good Handling Practices. These certifications and many other recent quality rules implemented by the government have allowed Chinese poultry farmers to access markets that were previously banned. According to industry experts, the recent developments between the US and China and the strict quality standards imposed by the Chinese government will further boost the exports of the country’s poultry industry.


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