Usage of Agro-industrial Waste for Pectin Extraction 09-02-2019

Pectin is the most widely used and studied natural biodegradable polymer. The demand for this polymer is constantly increasing in the world because of its increased application in industries like pharmaceutical, food, textile, cosmetic and genetics. On commercial scale this polymer is usually extracted from citrus fruits such as oranges, lemon, apple and guava but apart from high production the gap between production and demand is widening. Therefore, manufacturers are researching ways and techniques to yield high quality pectin through utilizing raw material that is readily available and cost effective.

One such technique that has gained popularity among manufacturer is extraction of pectin from agro-industrial waste.  Agro-industrial waste is waste produced as result of various agricultural operations. Such waste is rich in nutrients and bioactive compounds and is often use as biofuel, biogas and raw material for the manufacturing of other products.  Some of the agro-industrial waste that are  used for pectin extraction are mango peel, dried sugar beet pulp, carrot pomace , sunflower heads,and dried papaya peel. These wastes not only offer raw material for production of high and low methoxy pectin but also help in reducing production cost along with environmental load.

Benefits of Using Agro-industrial waste:

China being the largely populated country in the world produces a huge amount of agro-industrial waste every year. According to an estimate, China generates almost 17- 18 million tons of food waste every year which can be utilized as raw material for manufacturing many industrial products. Therefore, choosing agro-industrial wastes as raw material for the extraction of pectin will not only help the country in managing its waste problem but will also reduce the production cost for the manufacturers. Pectin has a positive demand which cannot be met properly if manufacturers do not opt for cost-effective extraction techniques. Furthermore, shifting from the fruit as raw material to agro-industrial waste the food shortage of the country and world can be managed in the longer run.

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