China’s feed probiotic market shows promising development 02-12-2018

Supported by the government and enjoying high demand from the downstream market, China's feed industry is growing steadily. The prospect of the feed probiotics industry is therefor very promising. According to CCM, the feed probiotics industry in China will develop steadily at a low speed in the next few years. 



Worldwide, meat and meat products consumption is growing at a high speed, especially in emerging and developing countries. This kind of food is highly valued for high-quality protein, amino acids, minerals and vitamins, which are necessary for human nutrition. The growing population and rise in incomes, especially of a growing middle class, along with the changing food habits, have driven the meat industry market worldwide. 

However, the demands of the meat processing industry are growing as well as a result. This adds pressure to livestock farmers, who are urged to produce high-quality and hygienic meat, which can be a big challenge. From decades, around 60% of the meat production is obtained from the developing countries. It is worth noticing, that the rising prices of commodities are further shifting the consumer preferences towards cost-effective and cheaper meat products. 

As the disadvantage of antibiotic products became widely known in the publicity several decades ago, probiotics had been widely used as an effective alternative in livestock production. China’s research in antibiotics started later than in Western countries. However, after 20-year market cultivation, probiotics were being accepted and tried by Chinese feed mills and farms gradually. According to some market experts, it's estimated that the market value of biological feed products in China will reach USD20 billion in 2025. 

As people are paying more and more attention to food safety, feed probiotics have been widely used as feed additives because they are safe, effective, and environment-friendly without drug resistance, toxicity and residue, and may gradually replace antibiotics. 

With the supportive policies and demand from the downstream market, China's feed industry is on the upward trend; especially the prospect of feed probiotics industry is very promising. Due to comprehensive factors, the feed probiotics industry in China will develop steadily at a low speed in the next few years. 

In recent years, the domestic supply of feed probiotics has basically met the demand from downstream industries. Only a small quantity of feed probiotics is imported, accounting for about 4% of the total supply by volume. This is mainly attributed to the easy access to the feed probiotics industry, for low investment and production cost, and easily accessible approval from the government. 

The prospect of feed probiotics industry is very promising because feed probiotics are safe, effective, and environment-friendly without drug resistance, toxicity and residue. What's more, the government has released policies to support the development of antibiotic-free feed. 

Probiotics are increasingly used in global animal production operations to improve animal health and productivity. The major outcomes from using probiotics include improvement in growth, reduction in mortality, and improvement in feed conversion efficiency. 

Use of probiotics and prebiotics in animal feeds has been shown to benefit digestion, animal performance and the immune system. Probiotics are products that contain living microorganisms, mostly bacteria.  

Several contributors that are involved in the value chain of probiotics in animal feed are inclusive of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, intermediaries, research institutes, and end-use industries. The research institutes are engaged in the development of an improved version of the existing probiotics bacteria through the use of modern technology. The manufacturers utilize their research and development facility to run the pilot production and to assess its pre and post-processing impact on the quality, which is then delivered to the end users, which are the animal feed additive manufacturers.

About the article

The information for this article comes from CCM, China’s leading market intelligence provider for the fields of agriculture, chemicals, food and feed. 

A complete analysis on China’s feed probiotics market can be found in the market research report Overview and Trends of the Feed Probiotics market in China. 

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