CCM: Cytomorphological features of sex differentiation in watermelon 09-21-2016

With flower buds of three types (male, female and hermaphrodite) in watermelon as testing materials, researchers Shan Wenying, Ji Gaojie, Zhang Jie, Gong Guoyi, Zhao Hong, Xu Yong and Zhang Haiying made paraffin section to observe the cytomorphological features of these flower buds at different development stages.

The result showed that the floral primordial processes of these three flowers had no visible differences. At the end of hermaphroditic stage, the length of flower bud was about 0.8-1.0 mm and the differentiation development of male, female and hermaphrodite flower began. Stamen primordia volume of male and hermaphrodite flower augmented rapidly, and carpel primordia of female and hermaphrodite flower began to differentiate into stigma and ovary. In deformity female flower, the base of carpel primordia would stop the development after denting to a certain degree, while the stamen primordia would not stop elongation and continue to develop to form the mature stamen with small amount of mature pollen grains.

*News on China Vegetables, a journal produced by the Institute of Vegetables and Flowers, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.


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