Three highlights of China Seed Industry Trading Fair Online 08-24-2016

On 19 Dec., 2014, the first China Seed Industry Trading Fair Online 2014 was held in Zhejiang Xinnongdu Exhibition Center, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The E-commerce marketing channels of seed industry, 360° field display and Fresh & Taste party are the focus of the trading fair online.


The organizers of the trading fair online are the Yangtze River Vegetable Association of Chinese Society for Horticultural Science, Zhejiang Province E-commerce Promotion Association, Zhejiang Province Agricultural Products Circulation Association and Zhejiang Xinnongdu Industrial Co., Ltd. Since it is the first Chinese modern seed industry fair which adopts the e-commerce to achieve the offline communication and display and online trading, some highlights of the trading fair online are worthy to be noted.

First, the e-commerce marketing channel in seed industry


The trading fair online combined e-commerce with traditional seed industry, seeking for new method of integrating seed industry with e-commerce through the online (online order) and offline (site visit) mode.


Second, the 360° field display


The 360° field display launched in the China Seed Industry Trading Fair Online is a performance which presents the whole growing process of the same kind of seed in different areas conducted by the organizers and the cooperation bases within the country. Besides, the 360° field display is a service which carries out recording and contrasting through network platform to present to the audience continuously. In order to make the audience know the concept and process of the 360° field display more directly, the organizers present a movie on the site and play the movie circularly on a big screen in the exhibition hall.


The display can not only safe a lot of experimental planting in different places for seed distributors to avoid great waste of social resources, further expand seed distribution channels, but also enables farmers to see the quality status of seeds directly. This is a brilliant promotion way for seed suppliers.


In the future, the 360° field display will set up seed growing digital archives, which is a brand new start for agricultural data going to a practical stage.


Third, Fresh & Taste party


The organizers picked out lots of varieties of fruits and vegetables from different organic ecology villages in the country, controlling the food safety from source. Besides, the organizers invite various groups to taste the healthy foods, including those in production bases, end customers and media personnel.

The Fresh & Taste party advocates the natural, healthy and fresh food and drink habit to create a healthy and colorful life for the public.

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