China Top 10 Glyphosate Companies in 2014 11-26-2015

 CCM recently released the ranking list of China Top 10 Glyphosate Companies in 2014. Zhejiang Wynca Chemical has ranked the top with the glyphosate annual revenue of USD501.1 million. Sichuan Fuhua Agro-chemical and Zhejiang Jinfanda Bio-Chemical ranked the second and third places respectively with glyphosate annual revenue of USD422.82 million and USD346.64 million.


The Top 10 companies were mainly located in the coastal area of eastern China. The ranking list included 4 companies in Jiangsu Province, 3 companies from Zhejiang Province and 3 companies from Shandong, Hubei and Sichuan Province.


The top 10 leading companies control about 80% of the China’s glyphosate market. In 2014, the total glyphosate revenue of these 10 enterprises was around USD2.65 billion, accounting for 72.53% of their total pesticide revenue. Because of the over capacities and poor domestic demands, about 80% of the glyphosate products are for exporting.




The year of 2014 may be difficult for the glyphosate manufactures, because the China government was having the Environmental Protection Verification (EPV) on the manufacturers to better improve their producing techniques, concentrate the whole industries and prevent them from destroying the environment during the producing process.


In the first batch of verification on 10+ companies, only 4 of them passed the EPV, including Zhenjiang Jiangnan Chemical, Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemical; Youth Chemical Co., Ltd. (Youth Chemical) and Hubei Taisheng Chemical, according to The Ministry of Environmental Protection of China.


Of these four, Zhenjiang Jiangnan Chemical is actually a wholly-owned subsidiary of the list company, Zhejiang Wynca Chemical, while Youth Chemical is a holding subsidiary of the list company, Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical.


As for the glyphosate manufacturers who didn’t pass the verification, they may have to make some changes and face limitations from the government in the producing process.


“The China government is paying more and more attention on the environmental issue in the agrochemicals area. And glyphosate, the most popular herbicide, was the first product to be verified in the EVP, which shows that the government would be quite serious on this verification” commented He Shuanglin, Chief Editor of Glyphosate China Month Report.


“Though there is no punishment for the manufacturers who didn’t pass the verification, the government may still put pressure on them” predicted He.


“The government may set a limitation in the glyphosate exporting, which may do harm to the manufacturers because the glyphosates are mainly for exporting. The new or extended projects of glyphosate may be banned by the government for they fail the verification. Moreover, the manufacturers may face problems when they want to register new formulations or renew the registrations of glyphosate.”


Predicting the ranking list in 2015, He stated that: “It is not likely that these 10 enterprises would edge out of the 2014 ranking list as they are all leading manufacturers of glyphosate.”


“But it may probably have some changes in ranking among these companies inside the list” He added.


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