How can we obtain useful information in an effective way

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    Time: 17:00 (GMT+8, Beijing Time)
    Date:  3rd April, 2013 

    Speaker: Sara
    Organizer: CCM

    Along with the rapid development of market and network, market information has been enriching ever day and night. But given the situation in the market, where all kinds of information is not only in plenty, but also in disorder. Customers now have to face a complicated market situation with various information coming up, and they don’t know how to screen out the most useful information for themselves.


    We need some creative and also effective methods. Therefore CCM now offer the Micro report center—Content Chunk to help customers find out accurate information they wanted in an effective way.


    Conference Agenda:

    1.Backgroud, complicated market situation.
    2.Customers can obtain information and data from various channels.
    3.What’s content chunk?
    4.What are the advantages of content chunk?

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