Analysis of China Starch Industry

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    Topic: Analysis of China Starch Industry
    Time:17:00pm (GMT+8, Beijing Time), September 6th, 2012
    Speaker: Jialu Zhang, Business Development Manager of CCM International
    Requirements: Internet access, audio facilities


    With several decades' development, both the number of new varieties and output of starch have been increasing. It is believed that the structure of starch products will be optimized because of the rising demand for high-end products worldwide.


    China has a huge starch production, in which corn starch occupied the largest proportion of 86.5%, potato starch, followed by 9.5%, 3.9% of the wheat starch and other starch yield a minimum proportion of 0.02%. In 2011, China's starch output has been increasing to over 20 million tones with a CAGR of around 9% in 2008-2011. It is estimated that China's starch output will increase to nearly 30 million tones in 2016 at a 5%-6% CAGR in 2012-2016. How will the future starch industry develop in China's concerning aspects of supply, demand, export, production? What are the hidden challenges and opportunities in this industry?



    1 Regulatory issues in Chinese starch industry

        - What kinds of policies involved?

        - What about the effects on China's starch?


    2 Supply and demand of starch in China

       - What is Chinese starch supply situation?

       - Who are the key starch producers and their traits?

       - What is China's starch import and export situation?

       - How about starch demand situation and it's application fields in China?

       - What will Chinese starch's supply and demand be in 2012-2016?


    3 Starch derivatives in China

       - What kinds of starch derivatives involved?

       - How about their production and consumption and supply and demand forecast?


    4 Conclusion and forecast

       - What are challenges in Chinese starch industry?

       - Where are the opportunities?

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