Analysis of China Glyphosate Industry

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    Analysis of China Glyphosate Industry

    Time: 16:30  (GMT+8, Beijing Time)

    Date: Thursday, Jun. 28, 2012

    Speaker: Anson Chan

    Estimated Length: 30 minutes

    Requirements: Internet access, audio facilities


    Glyphosate, the hottest broad-spectrum non-selective herbicide widely used in agricultural and in nonagricultural landscapes, are a leading position in the world's herbicides in the past few years. And it is estimated that the global consumption will increase with a CAGR of over 3.10% during 2012-2016.

    In these years, China remains the top production country of glyphosate in the world. And it will play a more and more important role in global glyphosate industry in the coming few years.

    Based on the research experiences in Chinese glyphosate industry, CCM dives deep into China’s glyphosate industry to figure out the industry’s key influencing factors, latest dynamics and future trends and we decide to hold a webinar to share our primary intelligence and insight on Jun.28, 2012!!



    1. Current Situation

    - Pesticide industry in China

    - Government policy

     2. Analysis    

    - Factors influencing China’s glyphosate industry

    - Supply and demand

     3. Conclusion and Forecast

    - Challenges and opportunities

    - Outlook of Chinese glyphosate in the next five years

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