Market Trend of China's Bromine Industry in the Future

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    Bromine Webinar Review

    i. Market situation

    China is one of the major bromine suppliers in the world. China's bromine is extracted from brine and nearly the total volume is used for domestic consumption. Nevertheless, the supply cannot meet the demand nowadays. Due to the continuous increasing cost for bromine extraction and the great demand from downstream industries in recent two years, bromine price has been sharply raised. It has a tremendous impact on China's bromine industry and leads the market trend of bromine consumption fields and related industries.


    ii. Government policy and development of major bromides

    China's bromine industry is now in chaos because of lack of governmental management but the whole industry is predicted to be promising. The related industries are anticipated to witness constant development, and the dynamics of bromine industry is more and more significant for all players involved. Some industries like flame retardants, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals influence and considerably drive the development of the whole bromine

    industry, especially for bromine supply & demand.


    iii. Forecast

    -The bromine price will not be lowered for following years;

    -Chinese companies will develop the technology of bromine extraction from seawater.

    -China's bromine will keep in short supply, while its import volume will increase but not too much;

    -Some industries will develop smoothly like flame retardants, and some will have a thriving development like pharmaceutical intermediates production.

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    China's Bromine Industry Webinar

    Conference Information


    Topic: Market Trend of China's Bromine Industry in the Future


    At 10:00 AM. CST, March. 2, 2011, CCM International Ltd., Chinese professional consulting company, hosted a webinar with the topic of Market Trend of China's Bromine Industry in the Future.

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